Naomi Levy

Naomi Levy is a world-renown bartender based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Starting at the age of 17, she was hooked by the pace and rhythm of restaurant service and drawn to the drama and challenges of the bar. In 2008, Naomi was part of the opening team at Hungry Mother, where she remained for two years, helping the restaurant achieve national acclaim. Naomi is best known for her time at Eastern Standard, where she started as a bartender in 2010. Through her strong drive and dedication, she worked her way up to be the 3rd ever bar manager of the Kenmore Square landmark. Eastern Standard is widely regarded as one of the premier cocktail bars in the country, with awards coming from many national publications as well as Tales of the Cocktail, where they won the Barroom Brawl in 2011, Best High volume cocktail Bar in 2012 and, under Naomi’s leadership, Best American Restaurant Bar in 2015.  

Naomi brought her time to a close at Eastern Standard in early 2016 to pursue her passions for education and outreach, starting her own small business, Beyond the Mixing Glass. In 2018, she brought her passions to a new project with Kimpton Hotels, Better Sorts Social Club, which opened in October and quickly received wide acclaim for its creative cocktails.

Naomi’s own accolades include being named one of Zagat’s 30 under 30 in 2014, receiving the Star Chef’s Rising Star award in 2015 with a Community designation, as well as being voted Boston Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Best Bartender of 2016 and Best Bartender in 2019.

She has also won her fair share of competitions including the Centennial Macchu Pisco Sour Boston in 2011, Boston Speed Rack in 2012 and going on to win three national competitions, the Barenjager national competition in 2013 and the Bacardi Legacy national competition, earning her a spot in Moscow at the 2014 Global competition as well as the National Herradura Legends competition in 2017.  

Naomi's love and dedication to her craft is enhanced by her charisma, charm, and desire to make people happy. Appreciating the time and energy that goes into her own work only compounds her drive to " create a unique and memorable experience on what could be someone’s one night out all month.” She enjoys the interaction with guests that her position allows, and likewise introducing and teaching them about new flavors, and then creating a well-balanced cocktail that will not only meet, but exceed, expectations.