Naomi Levy is passionate about travel. She has her parents to thank for giving her the travel bug early on through frequent trips to Europe and Israel as a child. After high school, Naomi took her first big solo trip at the age of 18, traveling through Spain, Italy and Greece for 3 months while working on organic farms. The next year, she went back to Europe, this time for 2 months and traveling solo through Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic. Since then, Naomi has continued to feed her wanderlust, traveling to all corners of the globe including Peru, Argentina, Russia, China, Vietnam and Korea. She is driven by meeting new people and learning about their cultures. She loves to learn new languages and can speak at least a few phrases in over ten languages. Naomi's style of travel doesn't follow an itinerary. She goes where the day takes her. She has adventures. She hopes to share them with you.